Valet Manager means you can have your own web-based booking system no matter how large or small your business is.

Valeting hampshireEasy to use

Easy to understand job progress and manage with its traffic light system and search functionality.

Valeting New ForestTailored system

Valet Manager can be made to fit each business, and can be used by a variety of different business types.

Valeting SalisburyCompletely online

Valet Manager is an online system, there is nothing to install. Additionally, valet manager is free to try.

Valet Manager can be used across the service industry by a variety of business types, including; hotels and valeters

How Valet Manager works

Valet Manager is a paperless system that works in real-time, giving you instant access to live facts and figures at the touch of a button – all from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

You just need Internet access to get started.

Valet Manager features

Create reports with Valet Manager whenever you need. Monitor valeters, timings, quality of work, workloads, costs and so much more. Reports can be generated by all users of the system a crucial for communications across departments.

The benefits of Valet Manager

With Valet Manager you a¬ôre always on top of the valeting process. You never have to worry about lost or incomplete paperwork, forgotten invoices, impossible to read hand-writing, unauthorised jobs or duplicate jobs in the system.

Stephen Hendy
Group Director – Hendy Group

“Since using Valet Manager, we have been able to schedule our valeting work in a much more efficient and dynamic way.

The system very quickly became an integral part of our preparation process around the Group. Its ease of operation and the ability to view workloads has saved our staff time and money, enabling us to have customers and our own stock cars turned round and ready when we need them.

The benefit to both the valeting company and ourselves has been fantastic!”

Hendy group

Clive Brazier
M.D. – Blue Stoat Valeting Ltd

“Valet Manger has helped us work better and smarter and making us much more productive.We are able see all our workload regardless of where our customers and employees are located.

No paper chase No missed orders No missed invoicing.

Valet Manager delight to use and a valuable part of our valeting business.

Easy to set up and truly cost effective GREAT SOFTWARE.”


Nigel Dawes
Group Purchase and Supply Manager – Hendy Group

“The implementation of Valet Manager has had an incredible impact on the management of our monthly valeting.

It is easy to use, eradicates the issue of duplicating work, and the reporting system has saved almost a full day in the reconciliation of the account.”

Hendy Group

Richard Groom
M.D. – New Image Valeting

“As a busy Valeting Company we have used Valet Manager Software over our last financial year. We have found it to be a great help.

It saves us a lot of time and money. Our printing costs are minimal, and staff can spend valuable time on other duties.

It is an easy system to use and you can have information at your fingertips, fast and efficient.”


Dealership use

Switch between dealer Groups, dealerships and even Individual departments to check the workload with a click of your mouse.

Workload graphs are shown in the administration panel showing whether you have enough staff on site to complete all valeting orders on a daily basis.

Workload counters show the total workload in the valet bay by indicating: Waiting, Started and Completed orders. All are updated in real time.

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