About Valet Manager

Valeting Andover

Valet Manager was created by a busy valeting company which over the years had suffered all the usual headaches associated with using a paper-based system.

With the experience of over 25 years in the business, the Valet Manager software was designed to take the stress out of the valeting process for everyone, including department managers, sales staff, vehicle valeters and administrators.

Valet Manager was therefore designed from the ground up by professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to design a system which can avoid all the pitfalls and frustrations associated with a paper-based system and streamline the process using the web.

Because of this, Valet Manager has been very popular with the car dealerships supported by our clients and none of them would ever think of returning to the old ways. Better still, our clients actually gain new business because they can demonstrate the slick process which is provided by Valet Manager.

The Valet Manager design

Valet Manager was created with three golden rules:

Valet Manager HampshireEasy to use
It had to be easy to use, since staff with varying IT skills would be using the system.

Valet Manager AndoverWeb based
It had to be online to give users the flexibility to log on to the system from any device; PC, tablet or smartphone, with no need to install software or buy dedicated equipment.

Valet Manager WinchesterOne stop shop
It had to be a one stop shop. It had to be a total solution for the entire valeting process and meet all the needs of it™s many different users.

Features include:

  • Simple traffic lights€ system which clearly shows all vehicles in the valeting bay. The traffic light status shows which jobs are Waiting,Started and Completed. Vehicle statuses are updated in real time.
  • History to show when a vehicle was valeted and by which car valeter.
  • Authorisation history for each job meaning no more chasing signatures for work already done.
  • Vehicle history available so there’€™s no more searching through paper records. With Valet Manager you can check a vehicle history with just the click of a button.
  • Workloads for each department or valet bay, which are essential for the sales staff when taking a booking.
  • Car valeters can log on and see the jobs they have done and those still to do. They can even send out invoices and see how much they are due.
  • Cost reporting to allow sales staff to stay on top of their budget by monitoring costs. Reports can be generated any time and show real time information.
  • And so much more!