Valet Manager for the sales team, department managers and valeters
With Valet Manager you’re always in control!

Valet Manager works in real time, giving you instant access to live facts and figures at the touch of a button from your PC, tablet or even smartphone. Check the status of any car valet in the system, daily workloads, timings, budgets and much more.

With Valet Manager you’re always on top of the valeting process, you never have to worry about lost paperwork, forgotten invoices or unauthorised jobs.

The many benefits of Valet Manager

Automatic email
Automatically send an email to the client if a car valet order is changed or a note added by the valeter. Because an email is automatically sent to the order raiser there is no need for them to keep checking the progress of vehicle preparation.

Assigned orders
Real time assigned orders shows the client accurate cost information for the relevant departments. This is ideal to help the client with departmental costings, invoicing and budget-setting.

Colour coded
Colour Coded on-screen message icons show messages and notes sent between the sales team and the valeters, helping improve organization whilst not compromising any accessibility.

Sales administration
Sales administration can easily allocate orders to different departmental cost codes or even different dealerships within a group. This allows the client to manage per-department or per-unit costs.

Names and codes
Additional names and codes are easily entered into the system. For example, to track and allocate entries to ledger nominal codes, spend per sales person, cost to valeter etc. It’s all built in within Valet Manager.

With Valet Manager – you’re always in control

Valet additionsValet additions
If a Valeter requests an additional task in order to complete a vehicle prep, they can easily add it to the order and the sales staff dashboard shows that the extra task is awaiting authorisation.

Completed ordersCompleted orders
Completed orders are automatically included in real time reports ready for invoicing to the client, along with balancing payments for the Valeter ensuring proper cash flow for an authorised order.

Search functionSearch function
Search function allows sales staff and valeters to search by vehicle registration or VIN in order to check all orders raised against a vehicle. This shows the completed orders by date showing the valeting history of the vehicle.

Valeter paymentValeter payment
Valeters can easily self-invoice you for their payments or bonuses for their completed authorised work orders. Valet Manager shows them the total monetary value due, and with just a click of a button sends a payment request to your accounts department.

Duplicate order checkDuplicate order check
Valet Manger has a built in checking system to eliminate duplicate orders.