Valet Manager for in-house valeters

The stress-free valeting software system

Benefits of Valet Manager

Real time business informationReal time business information
Valet Manager provides real time information which is vital for keeping on top of your budgets, checking workloads and timings.

Reporting and controlReporting and control
Create reports with Valet Manager whenever you need. Monitor valeters, timings, quality of work, workloads and costs. Reports can be generated by any authorised users of the system, which can be crucial for communication between departments

Valet Manager HistoryHistory
Valet Manager enables you to check all orders raised against a vehicle. This shows the historical work done for a vehicle including the dates, names of the valeters and other details to help you avoid duplicated costs and effort.

Low cost ValetingLow cost
Valet Manager can be your low-cost solution for running your valeting activities and our clients are genuinely amazed at the benefits it brings to their vehicle preparation processes.

Valet Manager Software DemoFree demo
Contact us now for a free demo, it only takes a short time and your PC. This can tell you all you need to know to fully understand the Valet Manager system so you can be using it to streamline your vehicle preparation process.

Top features

  • Check workload
    Check your valet bay’s workload and activity from the convenience of your own desk or tablet.
  • Zero installation
    No software installation as it is totally web based.
  • Single source
    See all your orders and progress updates in one place without collating paperwork.
  • No paperwork
    Say goodbye to lost or unsigned paperwork, hard-to-read instructions, duplicate orders, endless paperwork and the staff overhead required to manage it.
  • Configurable
    Valet Manager is easily tailored to suit your business and can quickly become an essential part of the day-to-day running of your vehicle preparation scheduling.
  • Designed for professionals
    Valet Manager is an easy-to-use, paperless system that enables professional valeters to control their daily valeting processes.
  • Manage costs
    Management spend and cost reports for your team by month, week or day.

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