The features of Valet Manager

Valet Manager for department managers, sales staff and valeters.

With Valet Manager you can manage the valeting process hassle free!

Valet Manager is a paperless system that puts you in control of your entire valeting operation. It’™s easy to use and can be accessed from a PC, tablet or even a smartphone,€“ all you need is an internet connection. With just a few clicks, you can keep track of jobs in the system, an individual valet bay workload, departmental costs and budgets and so much more.

Workload counters
Workload counters show the total workload in the valet bay by indicating: Waiting, Started and Completed orders. The counters are updated in real time.

Workload graphs
Workload graphs are shown in the valet company’s administration panel indicating if you have enough staff on site to complete all valeting orders on a day-by-day.

Client administration view
The client’s administration view allows authorised users to switch between dealerships and departments to check the relevant workload with just a few clicks.

More control
Because orders are audited and controlled you can tell when a client is trying to work around the system or otherwise treat your valeters unfairly.

Orders are time stamped
All orders are time stamped and show the lead time provided by the dealership which helps you push back against unjustified last-minute orders.

Check users
You can easily see which valeters are logged on to the system, what valeting work they have done and even at what time they began their tasks.

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