How Valet Manager works

When staff in a sales department log into their dashboard, they will clearly see any car valeting jobs to be done as the system uses traffic lights to show the status of all jobs.

Adding a new car valeting job to the system couldn’t be easier. By completing the order form the order will automatically appear on that both the department’s job list and the valet bay’s job list. All jobs are listed in time order showing all the details needed even down to vehicle location, key number and stock record.

Valet Manager is easy to use as the system uses your own valeting codes or descriptions with space for all the information your valeters need. These details include registration number, make and model, time required, and other information to help the valeter complete the order on time.

Valeting Software

Valeting ordering

Editing a job already in the system is foolproof. The dealer can add multiple tasks to any order. For example if the vehicle needs a full valet and a paint protection application these can both be added in one place on one order and therefore easily costed against a department and against a unit. The dealer can add as many tasks as required to complete the work required.

Authorisation control is improved because you choose who may or may not edit orders, so cost disputes with the dealership are a thing of the past.

With Valet Manager you can create weekly or monthly reports showing the number of car valeting jobs that were done, who ordered them, who completed them and how much they cost.

As Valet Manager is paperless there is no risk of lost or incomplete paperwork.

Valet Manager for the valeter

The valeter logs in to his dashboard and can see the list of car valeting jobs to be done. He simply selects the next job in the queue and assigns it to himself. The traffic light for the order will turn amber so that anyone else using the system can see that the job has been started, as well as what time it was started and who by.

When the valeter has finished the job, at the click of a button the traffic light for the order turns green. The sales department now can confidently contact the customer to collect the vehicle.

With Valet Manager, a valeter can keep track of all the jobs he has done, whether for the day, for the week or for the month. He can also send his invoices to your accounts department for the work he has completed.

As the process is paperless there is no more confusion from hard to read handwriting.

Valeting Software

Valet Manager for department managers:

Valet Manger gives your client dealership department managers total control over the car valeting system in real time.

Stay on top of costs and budgets by running reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – all tailored to their specific needs.

You decide who can add or edit car valeting jobs. Helping you keep a real time overview of all your valeting operations.

You can log into Valet Manager using a PC, tablet or even a smartphone with standard web browser software, all you need is an internet connection

Say goodbye to the paper chase and all the cost of administering paper orders

Accurately monitor and track valeting workflows in real time

Easy to use
The Valet Manger system is very simple to use, we consider it “foolproof”.