SMART Repair software offers a brand new way of receiving, organising, allocating and completing SMART (Small, Medium Area Repair Technology) Repairs in your business.

The software is cloud-based, meaning that handwritten notes and job sheets are a thing of the past. This package is truly designed to carry a repair through from first contact with a customer using our bespoke web-builder quoting portal, to sending a final invoice automatically on completion.

Our simple interface gives staff all the tools they need to manage a job, including a graphic interface for sketching damage and leaving special notes on the work.

SMART Repair software provides business owners with a new workflow for managing customers, jobs, staff and accounting. The all in one solution can be set up around the exact requirements of your business and once in place, can be accessed easily from any web-enabled device. User roles can also be set offering different staff the specific permissions they need to complete their tasks.

Why waste time searching through paper records any longer? Get started with SMART Repair today.

Key Features

Learn about the useful features of Valet Manager here. The software is built to be customisable depending on your specific business needs.

360° Communication

Stay in total control with internal and external communication tools. Chat, Quote and Invoice with built-in email services and send SMS messages to staff from the desktop interface.

Easy to View

Use the simple Traffic Light System for a quick and easy snapshot of job statuses and outstanding workloads. This handy reference updates automatically as work is allocated and completed.

Data Reporting

Run reports on performance indicators against departments or dealerships to get an accurate understanding of your business strengths. Export the findings as a .csv file with one click.

Total Administrative Control

Admin Dashboard

Manage your business from one spot with a real-time overview of all repairs taking place across any and all locations.
Download the data quickly into CSV formats for deeper analysis and periodic reporting.

Bulk Authorisation

Reduce dependencies and save time. Authorise multiple repair jobs with one click across a whole Group, Dealership or Department.

SMS Service

Got an important business update that can’t be missed?
Contact your repair staff using the built-in SMS feature for a direct message to their phone, wherever they are.

Staff Management

Set up permanent or contract staff in a few easy steps. There are multiple staff roles with different permissions available.
You can even receive and process staff invoices from within the SMART Repair software.

Plus Much More!

Efficient. Effective. Empowering.

SMART Repair blends ease-of-use with a powerful data driven system. Users can search through the system for specific jobs by REG or VIN of the car, or manage, sort and view jobs by departments or repair bay. Just like our other software, the system uses a colour-coded reference to show you the status of outstanding, in-progress and completed work at any moment.

Adding new jobs is easy using the drop-down menus and custom fields. You can also prioritise with SMART completion dates depending on urgency – or simply hit the ASAP button to put a job in the docket to prioritise later.

SMART Repair is visually lightweight, showing each type of user only what they want or need to see depending on their role within the business. For added customisation, most features, keywords and fields can be set up and customised exactly the way you need.

Clarity and Precision

Our one of a kind damage sketch tool allows staff to make notes on every scuff and scrape that the vehicle has when it arrives. Drag and drop the easy to recognise icons on to a range of different templates to catalogue all work that needs to be completed. This is a better way of visually communicating information between staff than hand-written notes or scribbles and provides a clear assessment of work to be done.

SMART Repair also supports photo storage so customers can upload images of the damage right into the job record, making it easier for staff to quote and prepare for incoming work. The online storage system means there’s never a risk of notes going missing or job information getting lost.

Customer Friendly

Need a place to send customers online? SMART Repair comes with a fully supported Subdomain option for you and your business.

Use your own company information, logo and details to generate a personalised online repair booking system and company website. If you already have a website in place, you can create quotation forms and embed them on to an existing page that feeds customer requests directly into the SMART Repair system.

Plus, if you manage a network of dealerships, the built-in postcode lookup will ensure that any online requests get sent to the customer’s nearest location!

Complete Data Security

Don’t depend on in house filing systems, paperwork and clunky servers. Our always-on system stores your settings and data securely on servers in a UK-based data centre operated by a tier-one hosting company. For added security, we have secondary data backups stored in a different secure data centre operated by a different cloud storage specialist.

Your customer and company data is in safe hands from the moment you switch to the SMART Repair system.

Upgrade to the most powerful S.M.A.R.T. Repair System Today

Streamline you SMART Repair services with this fantastic software. We offer comprehensive training and bespoke install service to ensure everything is set up exactly as you need it to be. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation on your exact requirements.

If our standard solution doesn’t meet your needs, see our custom solutions.